A Big Dave Rant

The Mets season has hit a new level of pathetic. They lost 2 out of 3 home games to the fucking Marlins, a team that was 17-29 coming into the series. Good teams just don’t do that. A contender doesn’t get embarrassed at home by a glorified AAA team like the Marlins, they beat the shit out of them.

Their starting pitching put them in a position to win every game. deGrom was showing why he’s one of the games elite. Wheeler pitched a quality start. Even Jason Vargas had a really good game, and his ERA was on the double digits before is last start. Hell, even their bullpen wasn’t terrible. Yeah, Familia blew the save but whatever, shit happens. I don’t put all of the blame on last night’s loss on him.

This embarrassing series falls on the offense, plain and simple. If you haven’t been paying much attention, their offense was anemic at best. Seriously, you have the worst team (by far) in your division, and you score a whopping 4 runs over 3 games? How is that even possible? These are the team’s you’re supposed to beat up on, especially when you have your ace scheduled to go in one of the games.

I’m no baseball expert, but MAYBE they should forget all this advanced statistical analysis and get back to basics. They had “heat charts” hanging in the dugout for each umpire to show what they were likely to call a strike. That’s all well and good, but how did that work out for them? Spoiler alert, it didn’t work well at all. See the ball, hit the ball. It’s that’s simple. You get a good pitch, you swing. Put the ball in play, make things happen. They hit around .207 this series, which is pathetic. You don’t need to be a stat geek to see that. Their piss poor performance is inexcusable.

Their next 8 games are against the 2 best teams with the best records in the league. Don’t even bother watching, and definitely don’t waste your money on these assholes. If you feel so inclined to spend money to see someone not be able to score, then just come with me to a bar. It’s far more entertaining and the beers are much cheaper.

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