Batting average matters. Don’t agree? Find a new hobby.

I kind of forgot about this blog, because the Mets blow, because of life, and because people who said they’d help haven’t. But I can’t stand by and let this thing I constantly see from Mets fans go.  It goes a little something like this… Dweeb who never picked up a ball tweets out “(Insert player who isn’t playing good name here) is slashing .236/.366/.410.  He’s doing just fine, he has a wRC+ of 108.  Leave the guy alone.”

Shut up.  You don’t know what you’re talking about.  Baseball players batting .236 are not doing well. I don’t care how many times they walk.  Their job is to hit the ball.  If they walk, so be it.  They’re not supposed to go up looking for a walk.  A walk is the product of the pitcher being subpar.  A low batting average is the product of a hitter being subpar.  Michael Conforto is batting .216.  The league median is .247.  He is well below average.  Doesn’t matter what his OBP or his OPS are.  (Reminder that OPS is the most overused and overrated stat cited by people who don’t know what they’re talking about).  Michael Conforto is having a bad season.

Of the top 10 teams in Batting Average (Bos, CHC, Hou, Atl, Cin, Sea, Cle, Col, NYY, SF), 8 of them are in the top 10 in Runs Scored (Bos, Hou, NYY, Cle, CHC, Atl, Col, Cin). Of those 8 teams, do you know how many are in the top 10 in Walks?  Only 4 . So why are 5 of the Top 10 walking teams in the bottom half of Runs Scored?  Because they can’t fucking hit. NOTE: The Dodgers are 5th in BB, while 8th in RS despite being 20th in hittingThey’re defying the odds. The Nationals are 6th in the league in walks, but 16th in RS (19th in BA). The Phillies are 3rd in walks, but 18th in runs (24th in BA). The Rangers are 9th in walks, but 14th in runs scored (25th in BA).  The Mets are 10th in walks but 28th in runs scored (30th in BA). The Diamondacks are 8th in walks, and 12th in runs scored (28th in BA).

So cut the bullshit.  It isn’t good when guys are batting .220. I don’t care what his power numbers are.  I don’t care how much he walks. Stop with the OPS+ and wRC+ while trying to justify a guys low BA.. You score runs by putting the ball in play. Not everyone is Bryce Harper who can mask their shitty batting average by hitting 23 home runs in a half a season.  And this is a poor season by Bryce Harper standards. Hit the god damn ball.


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