Boys will be boys. Deal with it.

I have two regrets when it comes to social media. One is being so hard on people who blog. It’s pretty fun. I enjoy what I’ve gotten done so far. The other is not starting this blog sooner because this is something I’ve toyed with for a while. I really wish this blog was around 2 weeks ago just to revel in the outrage caused by the Mets going shark fishing…either with or somewhere near Donald Trump Jr.

Baseball is played by men. Men like to do men type shit together. Shark fishing is pretty masculine. Granted I’ll never judge a woman who likes to shark fish because it seems like a great time for anyone. But shark fishing gets the adrenaline going. It brings out the inner competitor inside anyone doing it. Man vs Shark. It seems like the perfect activity for team building involving a bunch of men who play a professional sport.

But of course, the fake outrage bus rolled into town and people got mad that the Mets would ever partake in such an activity. Did anyone think about the sharks? It’s funny how short everyone’s memories are. It was only a couple years ago that a documentary series came out highlighting shark storms that were happening all over the world. One of these storms hit and almost destroyed Citi Field. So the players were doing nothing other than exacting revenge.

In spring trainings past, the Mets would go bowling for their team building activity. Winners don’t bowl.  Bowling is lame. And not only is it lame, everyone within driving distance of Port St Lucie knew about it and would show up to try to meet the players. So what was meant to be team building turned into an autograph session. All it really was was PR for the team.

So on their own time, Matt Harvey, Mickey Calloway and the fellas went to do a little male bonding. Professional athletes aren’t public servants. The players don’t owe it to you to cater to your beliefs. They’re allowed to have their own lives, that includes doing activities they get joy from. They’re not required to refrain from activities you might deem “wrong”. And that brings me to the elephant in the room. Donald Trump Jr.

I want to get this out of the way. I don’t care what your political affiliation is. I mean it. I REALLY don’t care. I have plenty of liberal Democrat voting friends. Outside of some ball breaking I never judged them, or even considered ending the friendship because we don’t see eye to eye. That being said, if some Mets shark fishing with DT Jr caused you to question your ability to root for the Mets, you’re a bitch. Seriously. If you’ve considered boycotting the Mets because of this, then sports were never for you to begin with.

Allow me to let you all in on a little secret. The majority of white males with a healthy testosterone level lean right. Especially if they have large bank accounts. So it really should not surprise anyone that a few baseball players would make time for the sitting Republican president’s son. You couple that with the fact that Young Don was probably as star struck as they were, and everyone involved thought it was pretty cool to just be there.

So if you’re gonna boycott, go ahead. Sports aren’t for you anyway. Don’t come back either. Because if the team is good again, you will. Just like people said they were going to stay away when the Mets signed Jose Reyes.



P.S. – Every time you giggle when Keith Hernandez says “Good Fundies“, remember he went to Donald Trump’s New Years Party. Surprised a couple of guys haven’t changed their blog name yet.


This Post is Dedicated in Loving Memory of Alex Kintner. We Will Never Forget

4 thoughts on “Boys will be boys. Deal with it.”

  1. Great read, Tom. I was actually laughing reading the first 4 paragraphs.

    I never knew why people would be bothered about some of the Mets hanging out with the
    president’s son, and why was it a headline in the Daily News is beyond me? As you said, what
    these players do is really none of our business.

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