If deGrom is out for a while, give his spot to Harvey

Sounds stupid. Actually, it probably is stupid. Hear me out though. You can literally put anyone in the organization in Jacob deGrom‘s spot and it’s a downgrade. There is no deGrom type prospect waiting in the wings.

Seth Lugo and Robert Gsellman are probably the best options but have been too valuable in the bullpen at this point to let them go. So yea, you can put more of a stable pitcher in the rotation, but at the expense of relief help. You are going to replace one of them with Jacob Rhame or one of the other 17 no-name relievers that Sandy got at the deadline last year? And Anthony Swarzak isn’t close to returning. Harvey isn’t serving a purpose in the pen anyway. He’s not going to be placed into any meaningful situation and is taking up space. So…

Start Harvey. Hope for the best 4 innings you can get from him. Piggy back him with Lugo. If you can get 6+ from them, you go into the main guys of the pen now for the last 3 innings. This is Harvey’s chance to man up and save his career. Likely? I’m not holding my breath. But after a couple turns through, if it isn’t working, cut him. His value is as a starter so if he isn’t starting, what is the point of keeping him around?

If deGrom is out for an extended period of time, the Mets are more or less fucked anyway, unless Matz and Wheeler magically discover the form they were projected to have . Both the team and Harvey have nothing to really lose at this point to give him one last try out


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