If you blog it, they will come

There are two types of people in this world, those who think Field of Dreams is a great movie, and those who don’t know shit from shinola. It seems like hating on Field of Dreams is the new “cool” thing to do among the self proclaimed baseball elite. Now by baseball elite, I don’t mean those who are actually good at the game, I mean this: those who think that there is no such thing as clutch performance, those who think bunting is always bad, those who think that home runs kill rallies, and those who want to see the Indians cap replaced with a resistance hat. The only exception to this is Jerry Blevins, because unlike those douchebag baseball hipsters, he actually plays the game.

I’ve heard members of the self proclaimed “elite” say that it appeals to people with daddy issues, and that just ain’t true, I happen to have a great relationship with my old man AND I love the movie. It seems to me like those who are loudest about this opinion are those who have their own daddy issues. They strike me as the kind of people who’s dads die a little bit more inside every time they have to acknowledge their “career” as a 3rd rate beat writer, or see their grandson wearing a ridiculous Halloween costume in the name of social justice.

Next, the plot. There will be spoilers, but I don’t care. The movie is damn near 30 years old, so if you haven’t seen it, that’s on you. The elite say it’s totally unbelievable, that it could never happen. Well holy shit, you’re right! Baseball ghosts can’t appear from a magic cornfield in Iowa, but that’s what makes the movie so fucking good. Ray Kinsella, a regular everyman takes a leap of faith because he knows something bigger than himself is happening, and he has a role to play in it. Terrance Mann, the inspirational voice of a generation had given up on society until he gets drawn into the plot, and sees joy in the world again. Doc Graham, a man who selflessly gives up his dream of playing baseball to become a doctor and serve his community, and has zero regrets about it. Ray blindly guides both of them on a quest to have their one shot at living their dream, and never asks what’s in it for him until both Terrance and Doc got their wishes granted. Ray is rewarded by the cosmos by reuniting with his dead father and the movie ends with them playing a simple game of catch. I’m not gonna lie, I sob like a bitch every time I see it, and I have no shame in admitting. How many of us wouldn’t want to play one more game or catch with our old man?

I get it, most of the acting was “ok” at best. Kevin Costner is far from Gary Oldman. However, if you can honestly tell me that you weren’t moved by the performances of James Earl Jones and Burt Lancaster, you have no soul and probably watch tentacle porn.

In this world there are winners, and there are losers. It seems to me like the most vocal about their hatred of this movie are the losers of the world (except Jerry Blevins). These people have definitely spent a significant amount of time shoved inside of a locker, and definitely jerk off to fangraphs. Here’s a pro tip, maybe channel some of your hatred toward life into positive energy. I’m not saying you have to plow up a corn field in Iowa, maybe start with something small, like a Christmas tree that doesn’t look like a twig grabbed off the side of the Cross Bronx.


-Big Dave


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