Jason Keidel Sucks

Today, some jerkoff no one heard of, Jason Keidel, decided to try and make a name for himself by writing some clickbait bullshit. Well it worked. I bit on it. If you would like to read it, fine, but here is a general synopsis. In sum and substance, Keidel says:

I don’t like Cespedes’ persona.  I’m stuck up and don’t like players with flare.  Cespedes should be more in the mold of other old school players that I actually like. Because he doesn’t speak English, he can’t talk his way out of a slump and I hate him for that. His Caribbean background makes playing in the cold hard for him.  And the only reason he isn’t getting booed is because the team is winning.

I don’t know if he could be a bigger fucking moron if he tried. I thought Joel Sherman’s ‘get off my lawn’ assessment of Cespedes in the spring was brutal, but this shit takes the cake. I had to google this clown to even know who he is, and according to his LinkedIn, he is a free lance writer for CBS Radio for the last 8 years. If anyone didn’t know, free lance is code for “too shitty to get a full time gig”. Based on only one article, it’s easy to tell why. He also bears a striking resemblance to another insufferable douche who made a name for himself trying to derail a guys career. (Jeff Pearlman). And Jason Keidel sucks so bad, someone actually dedicated a facebook page to it.

The media just loves stirring shit up.  It’s what pays the bills.  And I’ve always said I think the teams and leagues give the media too much access. I don’t think players should be obligated to interact with them, because these guys don’t care about the players.  In fact, they want them to fail, because it allows them to write stupid hit pieces like this scrub did. Also, the media loves to portray themselves as the voice of the fans.  You’re not. You’re just some guy making 30K a year to follow grown men around the country and write about their comings and goings.

Players slump.  Yoenis Cespedes is slumping. Despite how much he has been slumping, he’s still been pretty clutch. He will be better.  He didn’t just fall off a cliff.  He’s figuring shit out. Get off his case. So congrats, Jason.  People have finally heard of you after 8 years in media obscurity. And by the way, We remember our first beer too.


2 thoughts on “Jason Keidel Sucks”

  1. This is really dumb keidel never said any of those things it’s actually a positive article on cespedes

    1. There was no reason for him to bring those things up other than if he was thinking them. You can’t call someone out and white knight for them at the same time.

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