Jerry Blevins is starting today

Fire Sandy. Sell the fucking team. End rant.

1 thought on “Jerry Blevins is starting today”

  1. This is just incompetence all around from the front office to not have a starter ready for Sunday’s game.

    The Mets knew Vargas may not be available this weekend on Wednesday, so how is it this team can be so ill-prepared
    to get a starter ready from Vegas for Sunday’s game? They could even had a starter from Double A Binghamton pitch in for that game.
    To use Jerry Blevins to start for that game on Sunday is negligence, malpractice and incompetence. Wasn’t Sandy hired to bring organization
    to this team? Wasn’t he hired to not make mistakes like this?

    This franchise has gone backwards. Even worse now before Sandy arrived, and that’s why the Mets general manager has to go.

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