Jeurys Familia Didn’t Punch You

The Mets signed old friend Jeurys Familia to a 3 year, 30 million dollar deal last night.  Lets check twitter for some very reasonable reactions to the move.

Seriously, get over yourselves. First off, the charges were dropped almost immediately.  Next, he was seemingly remorseful after his suspension.  Lastly, his wife forgave him for whatever happened.  Time for you to as well. One more thing, stop expecting more of athletes.  They play a sport for a living.  They’re not cops, doctors, teachers, etc.  They don’t have to be good people.  I guarantee you don’t care about the person who built your homes criminal history (Even though I bet you’re not wondering).

Now onto the baseball aspect.  It’s a great deal.  He’s comfortable in NY.  He’s been a closer.  His contract is very reasonable.  God forbid anything happens to Diaz, we have a guy who can slot right into the closer role.  Yea, Familia had his moments.  He is frustrating.  But he is one of the better late inning relievers in the league.  There are plenty of guys just like him, but they’re not frustrating to you because you didn’t watch them pitch 80 times a year. I guarantee if you search twitter though you’ll see similar tweets in games about other teams guys.  So enough with the 2015 and wild card game bullshit.  The Mets are better today than they were yesterday.  Keep building,

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