Joel Sherman Sucks

Joel Sherman came out with some asinine article yesterday asking if Yoenis Cespedes is a distraction because he wears his hat backwards. Joel Sherman needs to shut up. I wasted 2 minutes reading the garbage. To save you some time, here is a synopsis.

Joel Sherman did not like the way Cespedes was wearing his hat and doing his drills. Although seemingly no one else had a problem with it, Sherman decided to ask a few coaches and players what they thought. Said coaches confirmed that nobody gave a s

Joel Sherman, circa 1997

hit. Since Joel was not pleased with this answer, he claimed they were just appeasing Cespedes, instead of acknowledging that his outdated “get off my lawn” attitude was just trying to stir shit up.


Joel also cited Buck Showalter in the article, and a few other unnamed managers that said they would have reprimanded Cespedes. I have a bridge to sell you if you really think Sherman contacted two managers about this. Personally I think professional sports leagues give the media too much access. And since the article dropped, Joel has been nowhere to be found on twitter, like a true pussy not wanting to stand up to the back lash.  Not surprising for a guy who can bend his wrist like that.

All the leagues give the media too much access.  These guys should just be reporting the daily comings and goings of the team.  Tell me who is hurt.  Tell me who is working on a new pitch or adjusting their approach at the plate.  I don’t give a shit if Cespedes rolls the ball into the infield on his drills. When he’s on the field, he puts out. And the Mets don’t need the drama this year.



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