Make The Mets Great Again, Vol. 1

I’m back.  After a shit baseball season where I quickly lost interest in this blog, this offseason has gotten the juices flowing again. That and seeing the Twitter experts doing Twitter expert type shit again. So I’m gonna do a little writing when I feel like it. When news of the Cano/Diaz trade hit, I got a huge erection. (Editors Note: huge is an exaggeration. 5 1/2 inches max) So I’m eagerly anticipating what Big Dick Brodie does next. Based on some digging I did, the payroll as it stands is estimated at $118,000,000. This is based on arbitration guesses, so its not exact at all. Lil’ Jeffrey Wilpon stated that the Mets will invest money recuperated from insurance into the team (probably bullshitting). And I am also not counting Wright’s $15M in the total because I assume they’ll figure some insurance shit out.

I’m not sure how much the Mets have to spend to hopefully find a catcher, CFer and relief help. I assume we are gonna see guys like Jacob Rhame, Drew Smith and Bobby Wahl be strongly considered to be part of the roster. So here is what I think they can do (Editor’s Note: by “think they can do” I mean completely talk out of my ass and wish for the best)

  • First off, I’m not trading for JT Realmuto.  Yea he is great, but I am not a fan of filling a hole by creating another one. So why trade Nimmo, Rosario or Conforto only to have to find a replacement for them? There are a few quality catchers on the market.  Based on how executives value aging players nowadays, I don’t think either Grandal or Ramos will get mega-deals, especially since Realmuto is a trade option for a lot of teams. So either guy would be well served jumping on any reasonable contract they are offered.
  • Sign Yasmani Grandal 3/$13M per
  • Sign Adam Ottavino 3/$11M per
  • Sign Andrew Miller 1/$10M per w/ an option
  • Sign Andrew McCutchen 3/12M per

This will take the payroll a little over $160 Million, which is think is reasonable for them. Although they should be spending a lot more, considering Vargas and Frazier come off the books next season. Scared money doesn’t make any money. But still, I’m just trying to be realistic in my expectations.  This closes a lot of holes, and I think the team is better than the team that went to the World Series in 2015.  Anyway, I’m gonna sit here with my thumb up my ass silently pretending that they have any chance at signing Bryce Harper or Manny Machado.  Also, feel free to make fun of me when none of my ideas happen.



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