Matt Harvey: A Modern Day Doc Gooden…Minus the Crack.

We asked this question on twitter last night:

We got some solid answers

That last one really seems fitting. Now I’m not trying to compare the players. Matt Harvey was great for 3 seasons, but he was never on Doc’s level. However, both guys took the city by storm when debuted. Home games where must attend events when both there guys took the hill. And both were prominent figures in the NYC nightlife scene. Harvey was so big at one point, he got a one hour show on ESPN detailing his Tommy John recovery  (Maximum Goosebump Mode Activated)

But after meteoric rises, both guys came crashing down hard. Doc derailed by drugs. Harvey, despite him probably liking the booger sugar as well, was derailed by injuries. Doc missed the World Series parade because he was smoking crack in the projects. Harvey missed a game because he had his little heart shattered to 1000 pieces and went on a bender. Did overuse in 2015 lead to the Thoracic Outlet surgery Harvey needed in 2016?  I don’t think we would ever know it. But you look at everything that transpired with the whole “innings limit” situation, maybe Boras was right. Maybe the Mets should have protected him more.

One thing you can probably point to with the both of them was stardom before they were ready for it. Doc was 19 years old Florida kid, surrounded by coke heads in the biggest playground in the world.  Harvey, although was older, really thought who the fuck he was, and mentally wasn’t really prepared for all that came to him so fast.  That’s the social media age we live in now.

Harvey’s time as a Met is almost over. I hope that he can regain some sort of form elsewhere, like Gooden did. Gooden did go on to win 2 World Series titles and throw a no-hitter with the Yankees. So maybe there is still some hope for Matt. Hopefully he does it with less stops to rehab and jail than Dwight did it.

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