Meet the Mets…Wives

So many coaches and general managers field their teams based on a player’s skill and how well they can help the team win (I’m sure there is a plethora of stupid acronyms in the advanced statistics world for this and I don’t know them due to actually using my free time to play the sport).  We here at Mets Uncensored have decided to go through the current Mets roster and put together a starting lineup based solely on how hot a players wife is at that position.  I’m sure there will be feminist mets bloggers who are going to find this article appalling as the swoon over their FDNY calendar, but to be honest, we don’t care. Now, lets get down to business…

Here they are, your 2018 NEW YORK METS (WAGS)!

The Rotation

Stacey deGrom

Alexandra Cooper -(Noah)

Kristina Krishka -(Harvey)

Shelley Vargas

Dominique Rizzo – (Wheeler)

The Starting Lineup

SS – Katherine Reyes

DH – Heather Gorham (Conforto)

3B – Molly Beers-Wright

LF – Sandra Quesada (Cespedes)

1B – Jaqueline Frazier

RF – Chelsea Nimmo

C – Britney d’Arnaud

2B – Ashton Rivera

CF – Juan Lagares Glove


Set Up – Molly Sewald

Closer – Bianca Familia

So there you have it. A lot of Mets are hitting home runs on and off the field. Be sure to follow @UncensoredMets for up to date relationship changes as the season goes on.

-Gary Knight


Editors note: if you’re wondering why Juan Lagares girlfriend is his glove, that’s what google told us

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