Mickey Callaway Proving How Much of a Buffoon Terry Collins Was

It took 2 weeks to prove what 7 years couldn’t in some peoples eyes. Terry Collins sucks. He always sucked. He will always suck. I’d been saying it for years. My wife would tell me I was being unreasonable. People still defended the guy until the day he finally got fired. Mickey Callaway is the real deal and he is showing how awful Collins is.  Even my wife sees what I had been saying about Collins for years.

Callaway has figured out in 9 games how to professionally manage a bullpen, and not give away baseball games.  Terry Collins is out of a job and still trying to find a way to get Tim Byrdak up in the bullpen. You can say all you want about how the Mets are analytically driven and how Callaway isn’t the one calling the shots.  Yea, it’s partially true.  For as much as he is using certain philosophies to manage games, he is also making moves based on feel for the game.  He’s not pulling pitchers early “so they can have something to feel good about”. He’s letting them get out of their own jams. He’s letting relievers go more than 1 inning. He is giving guys a chance to prove themselves instead of just constantly relying on, and in a lot of cases, wearing out the same guys like Collins did. He’s treating grown men like…grown men. And it is resulting in wins.

This team is playing with a spark they hadn’t had in I don’t know how long.  Even the year the Mets went to the World Series, they weren’t a very fun team to watch for most of the season. They were slow. They were passive. They were terrible fundamentally. They pretty much won in spite of Collins. Let’s face it.  If Murphy doesn’t go on that tear, they don’t get past the Dodgers in the division series.  Terry Collins’ Mets left a lot of wins on the table over 7 years. You can say whatever about talent. They had enough good players here to win more than they did. Time and time again, Collins made a bonehead substitution or just put a completely shitty line up out there for a game.  This Mets team is fun.  They’re aggressive.  They’re forcing the other teams to make plays and get them out, instead of just giving it to them.

People will argue that a manager in baseball is overrated.  I can see the argument, but they’re still wrong. Callaway has this team inspired and focused. And he is doing it with most of Collins’ players. There is a thing to culture and chemistry  Yes, it’s still early and there will be some bumps ahead, but you see what you’re getting from Callaway early, and it looks promising.  This team reminds me a lot of the Giants teams from earlier in the decade.

One last thing about Collins.  And this shows really what a ballsless prick he is. The guy took a demotion. Instead of walking away with his pride, he tucked his dick between his legs and took a job knowing he would have to watch someone else do what he couldn’t.  That’s pretty much like your girlfriend dumping you, but letting you stay in your apartment while she’s getting pounded out every night by the new guy.  I’m so glad this guy and his dumb excuses aren’t in the dugout anymore.


3 thoughts on “Mickey Callaway Proving How Much of a Buffoon Terry Collins Was”

  1. Really look at Callaway I didn’t like him when we were 11-1 and I sure done like him now. We have old guys who need days off and a struggling young short stop who needs days off out Reyes in. Callayway is a horrible manager. Collins wasn’t great but he was a players manager and a good manger Callaway should be coaching little league.

  2. Do you still feel the same way? I’m in no way defending Terry who did suck in all the ways you described but Mickey with a bigger sample size has also shown zero feel for a game and is absolutely clueless about managing a baseball team.

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