Mickey Callaway’s First Poor Game

I’ve had a man crush on Mickey since the moment the Mets hired him.  And he’s been brilliant the first two weeks of the season. But yesterday I think he did a real shit job managing during the middle innings of the game.  I know he had his reasoning, and it made some sense I suppose.  I just think he overthought it.

I’m not sure why you’re pinch hitting for Tomas Nido with Jay Bruce in the 5th inning.  Besides the fact that you are now without a back up catcher for the rest of the game, you’re sending a guy up who you know will be intentionally walked.  Maybe they walk Nido to get to Noah Syndergaard anyway. Also, why are you not pinch hitting for Syndergaard with the bases loaded?  Noah can handle the bat…for a pitcher. That doesn’t make him a good hitter in general. Plus he was at 90 pitches by that point, and you know you were pulling him at 100 anyway.  So you wasted Jay Bruce for nothing at that point, while shorting your bench even more by putting the back up catcher in with 4 innings left.

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Next issue.. let your ace be the ace.  He should be able to get out of his own self created jams. Either pull him before start of the inning or give him the inning.  What is 10 more pitches anyway? You can only put your relievers in so many spots where they enter a game with runners on before they fail, which happened.  And none of it was Bob Gsellman’s fault. For some reason, Amed Rosario lately has had as good an arm as my daughter. It’s time for this dude to start playing like the prospect he was said to be. Bottom line though, let Syndergaard sack up there and finish the inning.

I really shouldn’t complain because this team has been so good. But what else is there to write at this point? There is going to be growing pains.  The difference is this team is able to overcome the blunders it seems.  There’s no Lucas Duda with his constant stupid “deer in the headlights” look on his face.  And there isn’t any Eric Campbells or Ty Kellys to send up to bat in the 9th inning. So it’s time to keep the Mets train rolling like Donald Trump did during election season 2016 and put the Nationals one foot in the grave.


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