So you think Noah Syndergaard sucks now?

Well he doesn’t. He may not be the best pitcher on the planet but watching #MetsTwitter go from juggling his nuts on opening day to exploding because he “slogged” in his outing against the Phils is about laughable. I would have gotten this out earlier but I was busy with “work”. Most of you bloggers and baseball experts know what that is, right?

Did he have his best stuff? No. Did it suck ass that he tossed almost 100 pitches over 3 innings? Yes. Can we blame the ump? Maybe. Can we blame some sloppy play in the field? Sure.

A big underlying factor that many bloggers and non-athletes on Twitter are missing is preparation. You see pitchers don’t have to do their actual craft but every 5 to maybe 7 days. When they are scheduled to pitch they have a routine they go through. Most routines by those that are successful are most likely counted down to the moment they are to take the mound. This could be anything from stretching, eating, massage, music, etc. Heck some may even need to get laid by their spouse, girlfriend, or favorite groupie of the town they are in.

Noah had to wait through a rain delay. Delays like that can throw all the things off that I mentioned in the paragraph above. Oh, and by the way it was his second game of the season so let’s relax in that they are 5-1. And if you think I am wrong about preparation they made a movie about it. Go rent Bull Durham.

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