Someone Dig Mickey Callaway’s Head Out of His Ass

I don’t write a lot because I didn’t start this blog to bitch about the Mets. I started it to talk about the Mets, but not be a pretentious douche like most of the other bloggers out there. The Mets haven’t given much to write about without complaining, so I’ve stayed away. But I have to get some shit off my chest.

Mickey Callaway was supposed to be some pitching guru who would be able to manage the bullpen well. I’ve yet to see it. And maybe he’s still getting a feel for the job. Or maybe he’s in over his head. The shit that happened in game 1 of yesterday’s double header was inexcusable.

Is Jeurys Familia an elite closer? No. But he’s a pretty solid one. Yea, he’s shaky. But he’s succeeded a lot more than he’s failed. He’s used to high leverage spots. How are you going to leave Seth Lugo in a game to try and save it when he already blew it? Because you wanted to save Familia for Game 2? Fuck that. He’s your closer.

Manage the game you’re playing at the time. The Mets aren’t good enough that they can afford to lose games Jacob deGrom starts. And there was no guarantee that they would even play Game 2, or that they’d have a lead to protect in that game. So they wasted yet another deGrom gem. And for what? To have Familia save a 3 run game later that night? Too many wins are being left on the table. They’ve had a seasons worth of blown games in the span of 2 weeks. And that 11-1 start is gone.

Mickey has really pushed a lot of the wrong buttons lately. It’s getting really predictable and hard to watch. Someone tell him that not everyone is Andrew Miller. And while we are at it, stop pulling guys for Jerry Blevins to pitch to one guy. If pitchers can’t get righties and lefties out, they shouldn’t be in the league. I’m tired of the specialization. Especially when Blevins can’t even get his one guy out. Yea, I know he was good the last few years, but it’s damn near June. He doesn’t have it this year. Come up with another plan.


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