A change of pace

What’s up everyone. Here’s the long and short of it. I actually enjoyed reading blogs about the Mets at one time. In 2010 when it really exploded, there was a lot of good content. Mets Blog was actually a must read site on a daily basis. And I’ll admit it, I wrote for Effing Mets with Rob and Keiren for a minute. Here we are in 2018, and I have not clicked on one blog post in 2 years, aside from themediagoon.com.  Keith does a great job writing about being a Mets fan and not doing your typical Mets news shit.  Every other blog out there is the same shit, though. A bunch of fans, trying to pass themselves off as smarter than everyone else because they write.

Yesterday I’m watching the reaction to the Lucas Duda deal on twitter and I was left scratching my head. There are people (paid to do this shit if you could believe it) who truly believe Duda is a better baseball player than Eric Hosmer. I don’t give a damn about what Hosmer got paid and whether he deserves it, or if Duda deserved more than what he got. There are people that actually believe just by looking at a few numbers that they found on Baseball Reference, that they know more than anyone, especially anyone actually employed by a baseball team. Nevermind the fact that the majority of the people who are claiming this have literally seen Hosmer play 5 games in their lives, all in the fall of 2015. And allow me to let you ‘experts” in on a little secret . Anyone can go on Baseball Reference, Baseball Prospectus or Baseball Cube and get the same info you guys get. You’re not exactly divulging the secrets of the Dead Sea Scrolls to your readers. You guys use Google with the best of them.

If you don’t live and die by sabermetrics, you don’t know what you’re talking about. If you say anything bad about a player, you’re not a real fan. You get mocked for not seeing the game the way they do.  And god forbid you call them out on being wrong, they all of a sudden forget your @.  So fuck it. I’m gonna try something different. I’m gonna do it my way. It’s gonna be brash, it’s gonna be honest, and it’s gonna be funny. I’m not looking for this to turn into a shit show, but I want to see some real talk for a change. I want to break the cookie cutter mold that all the other blogs have conformed to.  This blog isn’t to report team news. Let’s say its the Players Tribune for Mets fans. So if you want to be a part of it, I am open to anyone and everyone. I don’t care if you’re a good writer.  I’m not exactly F. Scott Fitzgerald myself. I don’t care if you’re pro or anti-advanced stats. I don’t care if you like or hate The 7 Line.  I don’t even care if you like or hate me.  If you want to contribute because you just want to see something different for a change, welcome aboard. I have a lot of ideas in my head on how to make this work and it’s gonna take time, but I think this can be fun.


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