Trevor Bauer was almost a Met by accident apparently

by Current Writer

Trevor Bauer’s agent Rachel Luba was on some Barstool show yesterday putting on a performance for the ages. (You can see it here.) In sum and substance she basically said that after the Mets apparel link went up on Trevor’s IG account, he had a meltdown and said he was signing with the Mets. The reasoning was he couldn’t get the fan’s hopes up and then disappoint them. Yea, likely story.

Here’s where I call bullshit in her tall tale. Her delivery is awful. She keeps coming across as someone who isn’t stating straight facts of that day, but as someone trying to remember the script. The pausing, the hands, the eyes looking off to the side. It’s the same shit when I catch my daughter in a lie.

Secondly, it’s clear as day to anyone with a brain that this offseason was calculated to get him to the Dodgers. And I don’t begrudge him really. Players have a short window to have their career go a certain way. He wanted something. He wasn’t letting a clerical error get in the way of that.

Honestly, why the fuck is this even still a thing? I understand Noah Syndergaard fired off a shot last week, and Bauer had every right to fire back, but let it go already. Theyre coming off as pretty insecure. For a guy who presents himself as not caring what people think about him, he is doing a lot of spinzone shit in regards to this. Let it go already. You’re in season now. Focus on your game. You’re gonna get the shit booed out of you at Citi Field. Embrace the hate and move on.

I wanted Bauer on the Mets for selfish reasons. We all know a solid portion of this fan base is soft. It would have been 2 years of meltdowns from socially awkward gremlins on twitter and I would have breathed that shit in like it was oxygen. But ultimately it was for the best. I’m not sure even I could have handled a season of Bauer and Marcus Stroman together. At some point Stroman was gonna call Bauer a racist because he sneezed or some shit. Syndergaard probably gets involved somehow. Just didn’t need that in the locker room. I’m good with Taijuan Walker.

Speaking of our fan base, the team here has come to the conclusion that Mets Twitter is an untapped resource of content. So stay tuned for more in regards to that going forward.

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