Future Content Preview

by Former Writer that is also a Current Writer

So as was made clear last time this blog was up, we are all about entertainment as much as we are about talking ball. And one of the things that kind of reignited Mets Uncensored is the behavior of some of the notable blogs out there recently, and beyond that, Mets fans in general on social media.

Mets Twitter, and even Mets Facebook, are fucking treasure troves of great content from mutants all across the globe. If you might recall, three years ago, it was Mets Uncensored who had an exclusive one on one interview with the Reyes Virus guy. Anyone can start a blog and go on Baseball Reference and give you someones BACON or VORP. But you want to actually have a full blown Mets fan experience that goes deeper than stats? You’re only gonna find that in one place. Right here.

So going forward, we are gonna do weekly recaps of the social media happenings of Mets fans. We are gonna highlight the dumbest tweets, most preposterous trade proposals on Facebook, and this which is gonna be our favorite part…The Mets Twitter Brawl of the week. It’s gonna be a blow by blow recap of the intra-MetsTwitter spat from the prior week. Hell, based on some of the player’s tweeting habits, it might not be just fans featured here.

On top of that, we do realize that there are plenty of funny people out there in the fan base , and would like to highlight them as well. It doesn’t have to be all negative. Either way, if you spot something that you think is worthy, feel free to send it our way. So stay tuned and spread the word…

One last thing. Shout out to Michael Baron. He’s been on the receiving end of some of our staff’s jokes in the past. But he and his family are going through some shit right now, and we wish him the very best in his battle.

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