Mets Social Media Recap – Week of March 1-7

So when the team here came up with this idea, we had no idea how much of an abortion Mets Facebook is. Like we kind of knew, but man, we were not prepared for the mutants on there. So let’s dive right into this.

First off, something that’s been complained about far too much. The Mets have never televised road spring training games. They didn’t do it before a pandemic, they’re not gonna do it during a pandemic. So shut the fuck up. The games don’t count. You don’t need to watch them.

I Know this tweet doesn’t fall into the week of March 1-7 but it was a submission and needs to be highlighted. Apparently we all need as much free time as this guy so we can watch games from all over the league. So remember Mets fans, if you have a job that doesn’t afford you summers off or have young kids or any other time consuming hobby and only get the watch Mets games with your limited time, your opinion is shit. Be better, shills.

Saying being a Mets fan is a pre-existing condition is always funny. No one has made that joke before. It’s original and not lame at all. We don’t believe in sarcasm at Mets Uncensored, so we are being absolutely truthful in this assessment.

The only thing Marcus Stroman is elite at is blocking people on Twitter.

Bold move using your closer as an opener, Benjamin Button.

Once you start something with “I know this may sound really stupid…” stop typing, because you’re correct. Also, it’s year three, spell the man’s name right (Pete Alonso)

May as well stay on Alonso here for a moment. Pete almost has hit Ike’s career total for home runs in 1 1/2 seasons, but go on.

No fun in the clubhouse until Lindor get a hit in a game that doesn’t count. That’s the rules.

If you didn’t know, it’s absolutely impossible to improve defensively if you’re not getting your maybe 5 reps in a game that doesn’t count.

Someone hire this guy as a Mets hitting instructor.

I know what this guy is trying to do. He’s mocking people complaining about the DH in spring training games. That’s fine, but be less corny. Talk about trying too hard

Lindor definitely is not gonna be ready for the season because he didn’t start a spring training game 3 1/2 weeks before the season starts


So I know last week we teased this and plan on doing it going forward, but the best we could find was an argument of whether being fat is contagious and frankly, wasn’t worth the time it takes to embed tweets. So we will see what next week brings.

It was kind of light today. It is still March though, so as the season picks up, so will the buffoonery. If you have any submissions of stupidity from your fellow Mets fans, feel free to DM @Mets_Uncensored on Twitter

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