Mets Social Media Recap – Week of March 8 – 14

We are coming to you early this week because we just have a lot of stuff to highlight and feel like we shouldn’t wait a whole weekend to do it. We have our first Mets Twitter Brawl to discuss, and the team here at Mets Uncensored will analyze and declare a winner. But first, some gems from Mets Facebook

If he thinks this is bad, wait until he finds out that the Indians training staff gave Carlos Carrasco cancer.

Staying on Carrasco for a moment…majority of Mets fans loved the deal before we knew Carrasco was in it. All of a sudden we gave up too much because the guy is having normal soreness

This guy doesn’t like having Jacob deGrom stay up past his bedtime on a school night.

This gentleman is offended by letters. And also, a third party selling bootleg shirts is the Mets fault and on par with dick pics

Apparently, Andres Gimenez has already become Fernando Tatis Jr. Mets should have held onto him.


And now, the moment you’ve all been waiting for… our first Mets Fan Feud of the Week.

Disclaimer: Any and all analysis/judgements of these feuds are fair, honest and objective. No preconceived notions or prior interactions by the writers with any individuals involved will be used in deciding victors.

So Mets fan @GotNoSperm has decided to make a multiple day crusade about how he is being discriminated against by the government for being an able bodied healthy person. Over the course of this time, he’s gotten piled on. However a few individual battles have stood out and are worthy of documentation. Most notably against @AndrewBasstardo. Here’s a blow by blow recap:

It starts off with a subtweet and a fairly general reply. @AndrewBasstardo taking a pretty strong personal shot at @GotNoSperm. GotNoSperm keeps his cool. The combatants are just feeling themselves out and trying to get their feet under them

GIF reply. Although we enjoy a good Dawson’s Creek reference around here, wasn’t anything significant. Basic mocking here.

What a reply. GotNoSperm making reference to a possible hearing impediment of his opponent. Strong reply in GIF form. How will his opponent respond.

AndrewBasstardo comes back with the vaccination card. If you recall, this all started with GotNoSperm incessantly crying about being unable to get a vaccination. Being able to be vaccinated is a badge of honor and it should be thrown in someone’s face when able to. A simple yet strong reply here.

OH NO! Another hearing impediment reference. Sometimes going back to the well can be redundant, but this was a very strong reply. Especially when you look at the GIF and can hear Steve Austin’s voice in your head.

RESULTS: The battle seemed to stop dead there. It was quick, but it was entertaining. The team here at Mets Uncensored deliberated over it, and have declared a winner. The winner by unanimous decision is: @GotNoSperm.

As always, if you see stupidity on your social media timeline, send it out way.

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