Mets Social Media Recap – Week of March 19 – 26

by Mets Uncensored Staff

Sorry we didn’t have a recap last week. Truth be told, blogging is annoying. Not sure how people do it often. Oh, actually we know why. (No sex).

Anyway, we have some doozies for you today. There was a plethora of stupidity on the social platforms lately.

We don’t necessarily disagree with this point about Matt Harvey. But certain Mets fans sure love telling other Mets fans how to Mets fan. Don’t they? Harvey was polarizing enough here that there’s enough reason for Mets fans to have a distaste for him. And frankly it’s their right to do so, without some beta telling them not to.

I’m sure the Indians are dying to take on Familia and Betances salary to give up one of their best remaining players. Also, learn the names of your players. It’s Dellin and Jeurys.

So we got one guy dumping familia. And on the other end of the spectrum, we got another guy promoting him to closer

One of only two Mets to wear the cap in the hall of fame is not a true Met. Bobby Parnell though….true Met.

This is highlighted only because I defy you to find one person who actually thinks Wright is a hall of famer. How is this an unpopular opinion?

Jeff McNeil apparently needs time to develop still but Ronny Mauricio doesn’t.

And now it’s time for the Mets Fan Feud of the Week.

We put it to a vote this week and the people have spoken. Math isn’t our strong suit here but based on the looks of it, it came down to one vote

So if you don’t already know, bloggers take themselves way too serious and think they serve a way bigger purpose in society than they do. The reason this blog was resurrected was because of that. So it was inevitable that bloggers were gonna wind up here. This week’s feud involved @SaltyGary and @TimothyRRyder.


Gary – Best known for a crowd sourcing effort in 2015 to put up billboards embarrassing the Wilpons and encouraging them to sell the team. Love him or hate him, Gary was a polarizing figure who put the disdain Mets fans had for ownership on the national stage.

Tim – A blogger who thinks he’s Ken Rosenthal, he currently runs his own blog and also used to blog for Metsmerized, even though you’d never know because they took his name off all his old posts.

So Tim was being bothered by something stupid on the timeline as per the norm

Gary winds up chiming in, obviously referring to the feud with Metsmerized, this gif implies he burned bridges.

Tim takes his first swing at Gary. It appears to have been from an 11 year old, although we can’t confirm that at the time of publication

Gary fires back, pretty much implying that Tim Ryder is the blogger version of Donald Trump, who despite all his efforts, was unable to incite an insurrection at Metsmerized, and therefore allowing Joe D to keep his team in tact and remain the fair superior of the below average blogs.

Tim replied with that some writers from MMO wanted to come to his Rising Apple knockoff and he turned them down. I guess beggars can be choosers

Gary insinuating that the King of All Unimportant Bloggers, Michael Mayer of Metsmerized fame, turned down the opportunity to make $20 a post at Tim’s new shop

Tim apparently loves crying laughing emojis. For someone who takes himself serious as a writer, we here are bothered by the lack of capitalization to start sentences.

Approaching the end, Gary, who is known for holding people accountable, asks Tim for proof to debunk Gary’s claims. Tim refuses, claiming integrity, once again implying that bloggers matter and people actually give a shit about them.


An exclusive DM was provided to the staff here. In an effort to reinforce the fact that Tim takes himself way too serious, he DMed Gary to tell him that he hopes his life going forward sucks. Why he couldn’t say it on the timeline, who knows. But that would probably not look good for his integrity we suppose. Inevitably Tim blocks Gary and it ends there.

The staff here have discussed it and we give the W to @SaltyGary. Gary was able to take someone’s skewed perception that they are somehow important and use it against them. It got under their skin enough to cause a DM and Block combination.

Tell us your thoughts. Do you think Gary or Tim won this battle? And if you see anything on social media that deserves to be featured here, please pass it along.

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