Instant Overreaction – Phillies 5- Mets 2 -April 5th

First off, fuck Luis Rojas. Anytime you say “I’m satisfied” after decisions you made led to a loss, then you suck. It also means you’re making reasons completely based on analytics, and not by feel. When it comes to in game decisions, there needs to be a blend. I now understand why Filipe Alou won’t let him carry the family name.

So lets start off with the 4th inning. Bases loaded, 1 out, Kevin Pillar up. Right handed pitcher brought in the game. WHY IS DOM SMITH SITTING ON THE BENCH? Rojas reason is for defense. OK, well if Dom comes through, your need to have your best defense out there really lessens. Also, you’re only playing that for a few innings. By the 7th inning, you can move Dom to 1B for Alonso , Almora to CF and Nimmo back to LF. Your defense is pretty much as good as it’s gonna get at that point. But there we go with having no feel for the game.

Next, I know it’s game 1, but Jacob deGrom should be able to go more than 77 pitches. Yea, this season is different because no one pitched a full season last year. Well if you’re that worried about it, then deGrom shouldn’t be skipping over Lucchesi’s start Saturday. Keep him on rotation.

Also, I’m tired of hearing Luis Guillorme’s name. Everyone cries he has to play more. He gets in finally and throws away a ball that a professional baseball player should make 99 out of 100 times. Yea, McCann could have done a better job getting to the ball, but you know what? It should have hit him in the chest. His career metrics at 3B suck too.

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