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Trying to sort out the kinks…its been a while

Ban Zack Hample: An Open Letter To Major League Baseball

The last 12 months have been pretty shitty for most people. However, there is a very overlooked blessing that came out of the COVID-19 pandemic. The fact that there were no fans allowed in MLB games last year, it gave us all a reprieve from Zack Hample. If you aren’t aware of who Zack Hample […]

Pandemic Citi Field Review

by Current Writer Some members of the staff were lucky enough to attend the Mets home opener yesterday. So here’s what to expect when you’re attending your first game back. Entering the stadium was actually much easier than we anticipated. At first you’re greeted by someone who tries to get get you to sign up […]

Instant Overreaction – Phillies 5- Mets 2 -April 5th

First off, fuck Luis Rojas. Anytime you say “I’m satisfied” after decisions you made led to a loss, then you suck. It also means you’re making reasons completely based on analytics, and not by feel. When it comes to in game decisions, there needs to be a blend. I now understand why Filipe Alou won’t […]

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